SRNA Conference 2022
Investments in the Profession of Anesthesia

Supporting Future Anesthesia Caregivers

At USAP, we have been very intentional about investing in our people and in the profession. We have developed tools, training, resources and programs designed to ensure not only that our own teams have continued success, but that future anesthesia professionals are successful wherever they go. The future of anesthesia and continued quality patient care is strengthened by investments in today’s students and leaders.

Here are some of ways USAP is providing resources to anesthesia professionals, from students in training to seasoned leaders.

Two Students receive USAP Steven L. Boatright Scholarship

Svenja Mujagic, a third-year student, described in her essay the motivation to become a nurse anesthetist, writing, "This dream was fueled by the realization that high-quality care can have a life-altering impact during a pivotal and stressful point in someone’s life. As I get closer to reaching this lifelong goal, my underlying drive remains the same: to inspire others just as I was inspired all those years ago."


USAP-Nevada provides UNLV medical student scholarships, mentoring

In 2020, USAP clinicians in Nevada formed an equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) workgroup. The EDI committee partnered with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Medical School to create a scholarship that covers a portion of tuition and fees for underrepresented students facing financial need. USAP is one of the first and only provider groups in the country to offer a scholarship by partnering with a medical school. This program is helping to address racial disparities in health and improve patient outcomes.  

USAP Partners with Baylor University Medical Center to host a Regional Anesthesia Block Symposium

The Regional Anesthesia Block Symposium provided USAP and guest clinicians with practical, hands-on training and experience in the art of administering regional anesthesia blocks.